Intentional Color

Intentional Color Consultation - Whole House 5 Color Palette

$425.00 USD

“Intentional Color” is a color consultation package.

This package is perfect for you if the thought of picking paint colors for your home is overwhelming.

Are you tired of boring beige walls? Are you living with the last paint color you picked and have never really liked? Don't feel bad, you are not alone.

Color is complicated, that is why is important to get expert advice and avoid standing in front of a wall of paint chips and "hope" you pick the right paint color.

I use large color boards, not those tiny paint chips, to help you visualize the colors in your rooms.

This package includes a 5 Color Palette recommendation that can be used for any room and includes:

  •   Primary Wall Color

  •   Secondary Color - Wow Color, when your want to make a statement

  •   Accent Color

  •   Neutral Color for Transitional Spaces (hallways or closets)

  •   White for Doors; Trim (base boards & crown molding) and Ceiling Color

  •   The color recommendations can be used to select rugs, pillows, upholstered furniture fabric, window coverings, and carpet.

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