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Front Door Color

$100 USD

Level of difficulty

  • 1build
  • 2build
  • 3build

Price range of products

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  • Front Door Color only
  • Professional color options based on exterior home style; location; and the mood you want your door to communicate to visitors.
  • A visual presentation of your door with the recommended paint color before you paint the door. You’ll know exactly what your door will look like before you before you paint, no surprises.
  • Paint color schedule with instruction for how to paint the door and paint store locations.

If you are looking for a quick fix or easy update to the exterior of your home, a new paint color for your front door may be the answer. A newly painted front door adds interest to the front of a house and improves the curb appeal.

Don’t settle for the same old boring front door that is most likely white or the trim color. A front door color is a perfect opportunity to personalize your front door with color.

All it takes is a can of paint and a few hours of time to transform your boring front door into an introduction of the people inside.